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Our NEW webcast series is directed specifically at existing SharePlex product users. We call the series, “SharePlex Skills 101”, where we present topics that have a broad interest among administrators and users – people who use SharePlex often and are interested in learning more about important features and functions. This live webcast series takes place every month and lasts approximately 45 minutes with time for a Q&A. 

Each webcast completed so far is listed here, along with the link to the Teams recording of each presentation. Each new webcast will be added to the list every month.

If you have questions or topic recommendations regarding our webcast series, please email the Customer Success Team here.


Title: An introduction to SharePlex Support

View webcast here 

This webcast covered:
  • Service Requests severity level explanation
  • Knowledge base articles - where to find them & how to use them
  • Basic logs required for support to investigate an issue
  • Remote sessions
  • Escalations
  • When do we engage with Development & what basic information is shared
  • 24/7 Support & how it works
  • Support limitations & when to engage PSO
  • Support surveys

Title: The Basics and Architecture Refresher 

View webcast here

This webcast covered:

  • How SharePlex replication works - SharePlex queues and processes, configuration files, parameters, etc.
  • SharePlex configurations – Nine business use cases
  • A quick look at the SharePlex console

Title:  Options for controlling SharePlex transaction handling

This webcast covered:

  • Learn how to use the procedure shareplex_ignore_trans for individual transactions
  • Learn how to use SP_OCT_DENIED_USERID to exclude all transactions of a user
  • Learn how to specify which DML transactions for a table should be replicated in the first place 

Title: Cascading Replication

This webcast covered: 

  • How SharePlex cascading replication works
  • SharePlex setup and Use cases
  • How to use SSH tunneling to secure replication
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