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Our NEW webcast series is directed specifically at existing SharePlex product users. We call the series, “SharePlex Skills 101”, where we present topics that have a broad interest among administrators and users – people who use SharePlex often and are interested in learning more about important features and functions. This live webcast series takes place every month and lasts approximately 45 minutes with time for a Q&A. The next webcast is being planned for August 2022.

Each webcast completed so far is listed here, along with the link to the Teams recording of each presentation. Each new webcast will be added to the list every month.

Title: The Basics and Architecture Refresher 

View webcast here

This webcast covered:

  • How SharePlex replication works - SharePlex queues and processes, configuration files, parameters, etc.
  • SharePlex configurations – Nine business use cases
  • A quick look at the SharePlex console
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