Take a Sneak Peek of Day One at Quest EMPOWER

Quest® EMPOWER, November 1-2, 2022, is a free, online summit designed to inspire and give you new data strategies that will help you move your organization forward in its journey to being truly data-driven.

Data intelligence and governance are the focus on day one

On day one of the summit, speakers will discuss data intelligence and governance. Organizations with strong data intelligence and governance in place are set up for data empowerment success. They will know and understand the available data throughout their enterprise. They will see how it flows and transforms across their data landscapes. They can protect and ensure data is used appropriately to minimize business risk. And they ensure it is easily accessible to all who need it to make data-driven decisions and take action.

Data veterans will share their experience and perspectives at EMPOWER

On the first day, we will hear from industry leaders and experienced data practitioners, including Quest customers, about the initiatives and tactical steps leading organizations are taking to leverage data analytics and governance. Speakers at EMPOWER will include experts in the field of data intelligence and governance from organizations like IDC and Global Data Strategy, Ltd, along with data professionals that are putting these strategies into action in their own organizations.

Discover new strategies for data intelligence and governance

Learn how automated data cataloging, data quality, data literacy, and self-service data preparation contribute to the success of data intelligence efforts for IT, data governance teams, and business users. Compare to your company's current status and see where you can focus your attention to get the most business impact from your organization’s data.

Check out a few of our sessions for day one

Take a look at a few of the fantastic topics and expert speakers we have lined up for day one of Quest EMPOWER 2022, all centered around data intelligence and governance.

An EMPOWER Talk with Doug Fearing of Zelus Analytics

Zelus Analytics works with some of the world’s highest performing professional sports teams to help them squeeze wins out of an ever-growing volume of data and complexity of data sources. Join Bharath Vasudevan, Quest VP of Product Management and Marketing, as he sits down with Doug Fearing, co-founder and CEO of Zelus Analytics, to discuss the data challenges sports teams are facing and the data intelligence, governance and operations strategies delivering the biggest payoffs.

Building Data Trust through Data Quality, Literacy and Governance

Join Stewart Bond, IDC's VP of Data Intelligence and Integration Software, to gain insights from recent IDC research into the needs and expectations of business stakeholders, as well as their views on the state and availability of data intelligence. Stewart is a leading data industry analyst who stays in touch with both the real-world data practitioners who drive data intelligence efforts and the software companies they rely on. This gives him a unique perspective that can help you develop better, more useful strategies now and in the future.

Data Democratization through Self-Service Data Preparation

Join this session with Julie Hyman, Quest Senior Product Manager for a discussion on democratizing your data. Giving business users access to data so they can use it to make quick business decisions is what "data democratization" means. In data democratization, IT's job is to prepare data for use, ensure the business users can only access the data they truly need and to maintain control over all the data.

Review the complete first day of sessions for Quest EMPOWER 2022

Join us for Quest EMPOWER 2022 and leave with action steps and best practices that can make a difference. You'll be able to look into new ideas and ways of doing things, as well as how to move from strategic planning to producing business value. Check out the full schedule for Quest EMPOWER and register today to get ready to learn new ways to make the maximize the business impact of your data.

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