Celebrating Racial Harmony Day at Quest Singapore

The Quest and One Identity Singapore Team celebrated Racial Harmony Day today. 

The special day marks the diversity of race and religion in Singapore. The city has long treasured the racial and religious harmony that becomes the fundamental principle for the local community. The Quest Singapore Team consists of rich nationalities and races, working harmoniously under one roof. The team recognized and celebrated the different cultural background, religious beliefs and heritage of our employees.

Boris Ivancic, Vice President & General Manager Asia Pacific & Japan, shared his perspectives on the positive value of diversity in the workplace and expressed his support for this tradition to continue at Quest Singapore for many years to come. Additionally, one employee shared the story about his race group and religion. It was an eye-opening experience for the local team to learn about the Parsi race and the first monotheistic religion Zoroastrianism.

The celebration ended with a feast of a variety of food that were prepared and brought in by the Quest Singapore employees. It was a memorable moment for the Quest Singapore team to acknowledge, celebrate, and embrace diversity.


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