Gary Broadwater Hosts Cork Lessons in Leadership Session

Earlier this month, the Quest Cork Office hosted their 4th "Lessons in Leadership" session. This program was created to help Quest team members grow and advance their careers by listening to company leaders talk about their own career development and steps they took throughout their journey to become a successful leader. 

Gary Broadwater, President and General Manager of Quest's Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) businesses shared his journey with the team and gave great insight into lessons that he learned at each junction of his career.

This was a truly inspirational session as we learned about how Gary discovered early on his career that to be successful, you need to love what you do.

He never settled for current state and always strived do the best that he could in each role. He learned that things are not always perfect but that's ok as the challenging experiences help you learn, grow and appreciate the positive experiences.

He also shared that having children is like being the CEO of your family and gave him great insight into leadership as everything becomes a project.

The main lessons and tips that Gary shared were to communicate and collaborate effectively and to always remain positive and calm. It's important to value everyone's contribution to the business as everyone matters!

The Cork site is looking forward to hearing from more Quest leaders in the quarters to come.

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