Quest One Quick Connect for Cloud Services now supports the Microsoft Office 365. This connector supports out of the box two-way synchronization of the following objects types:

  • Office 365 User
  • Office 365 Group
  • Office 365 Contact


Using the Microsoft Office 365 connector, you can do the following:
  • Manage Microsoft Office 365 license per user
  • Define a scope in source AD domain and synchronize only users in this scope with your Office 365 instance
  • Synchronize your Office 365 instance with different AD domain
  • Control the rules used to synchronize attributes between Office 365 instance and AD domain
  • Sync password from different AD domains to one Office 365 instance


In addition, this connector enables reading the following information from the Microsoft Office 365:
  • List of active domains in Office 365
  • The number of assigned licenses in Office 365
  • The number of expired licenses in Office 365
  • The name of the Office 365 license plan currently in use
  • The number of valid licenses in Office 365


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