Quest Cares! Israel Office Shows Love for 'Good Deeds Day'

I wanted to share with you the amazing experience Quest Israel team had recently in Tel Hashomer Hospital. As part of the "Good Deeds Day" volunteering initiative, we visited Tel Hashomer Hospital located few minutes from our offices and gave flowers, chocolates, coffee and a big smile to hospital patients and staff. 

The budget for all those goodies was donated by Quest employees themselves. We covered several departments and each team was responsible to spread the love in this department – the feedback was heart warming both from the patients and the hospital staff. 

Quest is moving to a brand new office in Israel, now we know the move will start in a positive note. We feel fortunate to be able to participate in such an important initiative and give back to our community. 

Special thanks to Yaeli who orchestrated the event in parallel to the office move!

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