Last month, the Quest Israel team had the privilege of hosting more than 20 children from Kadimaa chain of youth homes across Israel dedicated to promoting children from the region's geographic and social periphery. The organization is focused on providing children the tools they need to succeed in school and throughout their lives as they mature into adults.

The group’s visit included a tour of the Quest office, giving children a chance to see first-hand how a leading global software company goes about its business. Team members from the Quest office spoke to the children about the importance of setting goals, finding the right motivation, and developing the skills necessary to succeed in whatever they do. The team also talked about the online threats children face in the digital era, and about the importance of using social media safely and responsibly.

To conclude the visit, the Quest team donated a host of equipment – including desktops, laptops and printers – to be used in the youth home, as well as some fun Quest-branded items for each of the kids. It was a rewarding experience for everyone involved, and the entire Quest team is already looking forward to connecting with the children from Kadima again in the near future.


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