Quest Singapore’s ‘Go Green’ initiative hosts a special guest speaker

We are excited to share with you the Go Green initiatives undertaken by the Quest and One Identity Singapore employees. They aim at protecting the environment and conserving natural resources for future generations. 

Starting in March, we started turning off the lights in the employee social club when there is natural sunlight during the day. Whereas we all enjoy a brightly lit office, we felt the social club is an area with plenty of natural light on a sunny day so it presents a great energy saving opportunity.

All our employees are encouraged to exercise responsible printing. Seeing the pile of misprints at the office printer was a wake-up call. We've since adopted environmentally friendly printing practices including advocating a paperless workplace.

Finally, we were greatly inspired by Ang Zyn Yee, the 17-year old founder of Straw Free Singapore, and her story, which she shared with us recently during a special visit to our office. As a result, we will remove all plastic cups, straws, and coffee/tea stirrers. If you happen to pay us a visit at the Singapore office, please grab the reusable mug, plate, or cutleries and support our endeavors.

The Quest Singapore team is committed to expanding our Go Green efforts and is actively pursue new ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. We're excited to share more soon on this great cause! 


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