Singapore Team Rings in Chinese New Year

Quest and One Identity Singapore team held a wonderful Chinese New Year celebration event at the Singapore office. 

In Chinese culture, the lion symbolizes power and wisdom. The lion dance is one of the most important traditions at Chinese New Year. It brings prosperity and good fortune for the upcoming year. The lion dance performed at the Quest Singapore office created a fantastic festive atmosphere and brought joy and happiness to our team.

The team also arranged a 'Lo Hei' lunch, which is a ritual adopted in Singapore during the Chinese New Year festival that involves a group of people gathered around a massive plate, tossing its colorful and flavorful contents while saying auspicious phrases signifying abundance, hope, luck, and wealth— the higher the toss, the better your prospects and fortune in the year ahead. The team had a lot of fun in tossing the food and sharing well wishes to their colleagues!

If you are interested in seeing all the actions, you are welcome to check out the video made by Hollis Valencia with background music orchestrated by Vincent Lee from the Quest Singapore team:​m/video/9ea538bf-58a9-4a53-b0ba-92884ba8cdbb

We look forward to a prosperous and successful year ahead! 


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