Stat has been running smoothly for many months, and then suddenly Katie’s e-mail approvals do not appear to be moving the workflow along as it should.

Katie receives e-mails from Stat asking for approval, and she responds by approving them.

She has done this numerous times and never had an issue before, but now suddenly the workflow is stuck, pending her approval.  So she tries again with the same result. We take a look at the Stat logs and the e-mails are being processed so what is going on?

Katie then recalls that her company had merged with another a few months back, and recently her e-mail address had changed to reflect their new company name.  But wait? She is receiving e-mails from Stat so that can’t possibly be the problem.

Unfortunately it is…

When Katie’s company was merged they decided to change the e-mail suffixes to and this change happened right around the time Stat stopped working properly.

Stat, which had been working fine for months, has all the e-mail addresses for the users defined using the original company name. Katie receives her e-mail notifications since the e-mail admin created forwarding aliases on the mail server which takes all e-mails being sent to and forwards them to so Katie receives her e-mails just fine.

The problem presents itself during the approval process in which Stat receives an approval e-mail from and since this e-mail address does not match any known users in Stat, it processes the e-mail but does nothing with it.

Changing Katie’s e-mail address in Stat to her current e-mail address will resolve the problem.

To do this, select ‘User Options -> User Maintenance’ and make the required changes to ‘Email Address’ for Katie’s user and click on ‘Apply’.

Katie should then retry her approval and verify that the problem is resolved.

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