Summer Grand Opening at Quest Israel

To kickoff the summer and welcome the new members who just joined the Quest Team, Quest Israel embarked on a one day adventure. 

As expected, the day started with a rich breakfast in Ein Hashofet Kibbutz.

Escaping the fortress: The next stop was at the ruins of Yehiam Fortress. A large and impressive fortress, combining buildings from the Crusader and Ottoman periods in Upper Galilee. Small teams had to go through  dangerous assignments to escape the ghost of the Ottoman ruler who controlled the fortress in the early days and his spirit hunts the fortress. Only by collaboration and team work were they able to complete all assignment and escape in time.

Then, they took extreme Speed boat ride along the northernmost tip of Israel seashore along the cliffs of Rosh Hanikra enjoying some snorkeling along the way.

Throughout the day, there was a constant supply of ice cream to beat the heat and keep the moral high. :) The day concluded in a delicious lunch in a pastoralic location in the north of Israel. Now, they feel energized and ready for the challenges and hard work of the coming months.

Thanks to Yaeli Malka who made this day a memorable one.


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