Your Active Directory serves as the base of operations for your organization, so making sure that it is properly secured is critical for your organization’s success.

Easier said than done, right? How can you maintain complete Active Directory security and prevent disaster?

The Experts Conference (TEC) is bringing all the AD security training you could ever desire.

TEC showcases in-depth Active Directory security knowledge provided by the greatest minds in the industry. There is no fluff here – this is 300-400 level hybrid AD security education that you can apply the moment you get back to work.

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Here is a brief summary of the key security sessions that you can look forward to attending:

Randy Franklin Smith: Recent Security Features in Active Directory You Probably Aren’t Using

Join CISA, SSCP, Microsoft MVP and internationally recognized expert on security and control of Windows and Active Directory security, Randy Franklin Smith as he discusses the rarely used, new security features that Microsoft has added over the last few years.

Randy will introduce you to these capabilities in Active Directory, show you how they work and help you determine if you should start using them to deal with security threats in your environment.

Here’s a partial list of what he will cover:

  • Password Setting Objects – fine grained password policy without multiple domains
  • Authentication Silos – a very important way to protect against Pass-the-Hash
  • Dynamic Access Control – escape from countless access control lists on each folder
  • Global Object Access Audit Policy – define audit policy centrally
  • Group Managed Service Accounts (and plain-old Managed Service Accounts) – stop managing service account passwords

Randy Franklin Smith: Understanding Windows Security Log Events Generated by Active Directory Domain Controllers vs Other Endpoints

In this second Randy Franklin Smith session, the windows and AD security expert discusses how there is no central audit log for Active Directory. Instead, AD records any relevant events affecting Active Directory in the local Security Log of which ever Windows Server domain controller where the event happens to occur.

Randy will help you understand how the context of security log events has a great impact on their implication.

Colin Truran: Data Privacy in a Hybrid AD World

Join Colin Truran, a principal strategist at Quest who functions as the EMEA virtual chief technology officer, as he looks at the principal motivations behind data privacy compliance and how to establish a hybrid environment through the use of some simple best practices, design changes and functionality; after which you should be in a much better position to make choices on how to enhance your privacy with third-party solutions.

Nick Cavalancia: Reversing the Entropy of Groups in Hybrid AD

With organizations making the shift to extend the directory’s role to include cloud-based applications, the same unmanaged groups, memberships, and permissions are simply being leveraged as is. With cyberattacks, compliance, and breaches of great concern, why isn’t more focus put on the most foundational element of security – groups?

Join Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter MVP, Nick Cavalancia, as he discusses:

  • Group Risk – how bad guys leverage groups to carry out their dastardly plans
  • Group Entropy – why, on their own, groups end up in a state of disorder
  • Group Management – how establishing a management lifecycle mentality can dramatically reduce risk in groups and improve security

Susan Bradley: Windows Update Crisis – Taming the Patching Beast

Join GSEC and Microsoft Security MVP, Susan “The Patch Lady” Bradley, as she guides you through setting policies and strategies to avoid the pot holes of patching while steering you towards the fast lane of patching approvals. Susan will highlight the changes in Windows updating and help you determine a way to get a handle on Windows desktop and Server updating. She will also point out the changes in risks and attacks that may make you rethink how you patch today and tomorrow.

Tim Warner: Azure AD Connect Single Sign-on Quick Start

Your business has cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications that rely on Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) for authentication. You want to provide your on-premises AD users with single sign-on (SSO). How can you meet this goal with minimal expense and user inconvenience?

In this quick-start session, Microsoft MVP Tim Warner walks you through Azure AD Connect planning, implementation, and maintenance. Through a combination of lecture, demo, and participant Q&A, you will learn the major questions to ask and pitfalls to avoid when configuring SSO in the Microsoft Azure public cloud.

The Active Directory Security Training You Deserve

TEC provides invaluable networking and training opportunities not found anywhere else. Not only will you be attending these industry gurus’ sessions, but you’ll also be able to have any questions you may have answered one-on-one.

What are you waiting for? TEC awaits!

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