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Data Breaches are the New Reality! Are you Prepared?

It's no surprise (yet frightening) that there is a drastic increase in news headlines that emphasize the security risks and challenges IT professionals face today. Consider the fact that over 95 million Active Directory accounts are under attack daily and industry experts predict that there will be a ransomware attack on businesses every 14 seconds by the end of 2019! 

It's clear that organizations need to quickly make changes in their AD security strategy to protect their data today and adapt to growing threats in the future. The need to change is driven by the fact that data breaches are in fact the new reality. Yet - AD security has lagged behind in disaster recovery initiatives.  

Some organizations feel so daunted by the cost and complexity of securing Active Directory that they're almost waiting for something bad to happen before they act. By then it's  too late. Just waiting for a disaster can lead to loss of productivity, revenue and credibility. You need a disaster recovery strategy now to ensure you are protected.

Mistakes happen, corruption happens, disasters happen.  What if you had an insurance policy to prepare for and recover from any AD disaster?

Introducing Recovery Manager for Active Directory - Disaster Recovery Edition 

It's complete AD disaster recovery at the object and attribute level, the directory level and the operating system level across the entire Forest.

Check it out here or download the datasheet and get the coverage you need!

DataSheet - RMAD DRE.pdf
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