The 2018 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference in Denver October 30–November 2 promises to be quite an event, with over 300 sessions and more than 700 presenters. While you’re in the mile-high city, don’t miss the opportunity to discover how to take your cyber security to new heights as well — stop by booth #131 to see how Quest Microsoft Platform Management solutions are a great fit for educational institutions just like yours.

After all, Active Directory is at the heart of everything, providing authentication and authorization for critical resources across your on-premises, cloud or hybrid IT environment — and nobody knows AD like Quest. Whether you’re running AD, Azure AD or both, Quest has the deep expertise you need to efficiently and effectively manage and protect the backbone of your business. In fact, our award-winning Microsoft Platform Management solutions have been used to move, manage and secure more than 336 million users around the world.

We invite you to visit us in booth #131 at EDUCAUSE and learn more about how our solutions can help you:

  • Move — Moving to the cloud, or just modernizing your infrastructure by bringing everything into Microsoft platforms? Quest’s ZeroIMPACT migration solutions enable you to prepare for and execute an efficient, seamless migration or consolidation. Throughout the project, you’ll be able to easily track progress, roll back unwanted changes, and avoid disruption for students, teachers and staff by enabling everyone to keep working together seamlessly.
  • Manage — Want to save time and money and avoid headaches? Quest’s Active Directory management solutions automate a wide range of everyday tasks, simplifying life for IT teams and end users alike. In fact, the breadth of our portfolio is unmatched:  We offer solutions for backup and recovery; reporting and analytics; user and group management; managing Group Policy and permissions; provisioning and deprovisioning; ensuring performance and availability; and more.
  • Secure — Worried about hackers and malicious insiders getting access to your critical information systems and services? Quest helps you lock down your Active Directory and Azure AD by making it easy to continuously assess who has access to what, keep a close eye on what users are doing with those access permission, and be alerted to anomalous or otherwise suspicious activity. As a result, you can reduce your exposure to threats, thwart attacks, and prevent data breaches and system downtime.

If you can’t wait for the conference to see more about why Active Directory is at the heart of it all and how only Quest enables you to truly protect and manage AD and Azure AD, check out

Sounds amazing, right? But if your institution is like most, your IT budget is getting tighter even as your infrastructure gets more complex and threats become more sophisticated and relentless. Can you afford top-of-the-line tools? Yes, you can! Quest is committed to ensuring that educational institutions have access to the best AD security solutions available today, so we're running a cybersecurity promotion just for them. You’ll get six key products for a dramatically reduced price:

Visit to learn more.

We look forward to seeing at booth #131 at EDUCAUSE in Denver!

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