We asked customers how Quest Professional Services helped make them look good and here’s what they had to say:

“We completed the AD Migration project slightly ahead of an already aggressive schedule when even our own expectation was that we would be behind schedule.”

— IT Manager, Medium Enterprise Telecommunications Services Company1

“Quest worked with us—on our schedule, around our financing needs, and helped us be ready on time.”

— IT Architect, Large Enterprise Aerospace & Defense Company 2

For me, it was the absence of any business impact which showed how worthwhile it was engaging with Quest.”

— Risk Manager, Medium Enterprise Financial Services Company 3

Just like how you expect a flight crew to take you to your destination safely, quickly and seamlessly when travelling, the same expectations of trust, reliability and efficiency should apply to your migration services.

Migrations are complex, resource-consuming and time-sensitive endeavors that require detailed planning and the proper tools to succeed. A multitude of challenges stand in the way of success – schedule and financial constraints, a lack of effective security and IT hiccups being prime examples. Without proper guidance from a data migration team you can trust, the fear of disrupting the business’ workflow – and failure – will be on your mind.

So, the question is: how can Quest Professional Services help you plan, execute and manage a secure migration – quickly and seamlessly?

Recommendations from customers like you

“The engineers are not just subject matter experts on the Quest product but on the base products themselves (i.e. AD or Exchange) and they go out of their way to add knowledge and provide whatever support we needed to get the project done on time and correctly.”

— Engineer, Large Enterprise Law Firm 4

“Has best/better in-depth know how on the product; especially if the customer does not yet have that much experience with the product at this point in time.”

 IT Manager, Large Enterprise Pharmaceuticals Company 5

Due to servicing more than 180 million accounts globally, Quest understands the complexity and risks that come from cloud migrations. Quest Professional Services (PSO), our team of specialists that perform hundreds of globally dispersed data migrations every year, combines expertise with industry-leading tools to help organizations avoid and overcome any migration challenges that might arise. By taking the time to understand your unique business drivers through high-level discovery and assessment of your environment, they provide a clear, defined plan for any size AD project, from simple AD improvements to a complete restructuring of your entire domain with minimal impact and little or no downtime.

This in-depth methodology is proven, as we’ve migrated over 95 million AD accounts due to our extensive expertise based on 20 years of doing migrations. Whether you are tackling a merger, acquisition or divestiture, looking to implement the latest technology, or seeking to gain more value from your existing IT investments, we ready here to help you migrate, manage and secure your data across on-premises, cloud-based, and hybrid platforms.

The proof is in the PSO

But why take our word for it? What makes us proud is 98% of Quest PSO customers say that we helped them achieve their business outcomes.6

We help accelerate users’ business outcomes with our proprietary software and domain expertise. The positive impact that Quest Professional Service has on organizations is also evident by the responses the customers gave about their data migration accomplishments with PSO. With quotes like “Finished the migration under budget and on time,” to “Provided a customized installation with no IT or user issues,” our ability to help users simplify and manage migrations is displayed in full force.

See what other customers have to say about the simple, secure and efficient migrations they were able to accomplish with Quest Professional Services.

The peace of mind you deserve

Migrations don’t have to put a stop to your business, cost more resources than you can handle or be a source of stress and anxiety. Quest provides customized migration services that position you to easily move, secure and manage your data throughout the entire process.

Learn more about how PSO have helped millions of accounts, what they can do your organization’s goals and how you can have the peace of mind of having reliable and effective support in taking care of your Microsoft environment.

Sit back and relax – this is going to be a smooth flight.

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