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Get IT identity training at TEC 2023!

The Experts Conference (TEC) 2023 is THE Microsoft training event of the year. Join us September 19–20 at the Loews Hotel in midtown Atlanta, Georgia, for an event filled to the brim with practical Active Directory and Microsoft 365 education, delivered by renowned Microsoft MVPs, industry experts and your peers. You can even earn up to 10 CPE credits per day.

The sessions at The Experts Conference are always organized into several learning tracks. That’s just to help you find the topics you’re most interested in — you can attend whichever sessions you like from any of the tracks! This year, the learning tracks are Microsoft 365, Identities and Azure. This blog post explores the Identities training track.

Discover why identity is the new security perimeter — and what that means for your organization.

You’ve probably heard IT experts say that “identity is the new security perimeter.” But what exactly does that mean, and how should it be reflected in your IT practices? The IT identity training track at TEC 2023 features a wealth of sessions designed to deliver the answers to these vital questions. You’ll get advanced IT identity training for effective identity lifecycle management across your entire hybrid IT environment, including on-premises Active Directory, Azure AD and Intune. The IT identity training sessions will cover topics in identity governance and administration (IGA), identity and access management (IAM), privileged access management (PAM), and Active Directory management and security (ADMS).

For starters, you will learn about the staggering breadth of identities that need to be managed. Today, identity goes far beyond employee accounts to include identities for contractors, suppliers, partners and guests, as well as a wide variety of devices, bots and APIs. You will learn how to migrate these identities securely and effectively, whether you’re moving workloads to the cloud or consolidating identity stores as part of an M&A deal. The seasoned experts at TEC 2023 will provide practical advice to help you achieve your goals, from easier and more effective governance to a better user experience. The IT identity training track will also provide valuable guidance on how to provision and manage identities — especially the highly privileged administrative users and service accounts that are a prime target of bad actors.

Other IT identity training sessions will focus on identity risk. Indeed, many recent high-profile incidents, including SolarWinds, Colonial Pipeline and the Twitter hack, are rooted in identity-based cyberattacks. At TEC 2023, you will get real-world guidance for improving your identity security practices to prevent, detect and respond to unauthorized access, account takeover and more. In particular, you’ll get insight into how you can identify and mitigate the attack paths in your Active Directory that adversaries could abuse to gain control of highly privileged identities.

And of course, no comprehensive strategy for identity governance and security would be complete without attention to backup and recovery of hybrid entities. As part of the TEC 2023 IT identity training track, you will get practical advice for creating a solid disaster recovery plan that will help ensure cyber resilience.

A sneak peek at a few of the experts and their session topics

Want details on the specific sessions waiting for you in the IT identity training track at The Experts Conference 2023? Here are just a few of the experts who will be sharing their knowledge and experience:

Matthew Vinton: “Abusing Group Policy for Fun and Profit”

Matthew, a strategic systems consultant at Quest, will provide insight into one of the ways that a compromised identity could be used to inflict serious damage on your IT environment: abuse of Group Policy. Through concrete examples and live demos, he’ll reveal how adversaries can modify your Group Policy objects (GPOs) to further their attacks and achieve their objectives.

Brian Desmond: “What Should and Should Not Be in Your Active Directory Disaster Recovery Plan”

In this IT identity training, Brian, principal at Ravenswood Technology Group, will provide practical guidance on creating an effective AD disaster recovery (DR) plan. He’ll show exactly why VM snapshots and other common backup methods are insufficient for enterprise backup and recovery, and provide a guided tour into the intricacies and operational dependencies of Active Directory that you need to cover in your DR planning.

Michael Van Horenbeeck: “How to Develop and Deliver a Successful Long-Term Security Strategy with Microsoft (and Quest)”

Mystified by the jumble of security acronyms you encounter every day, such as MDE, MDI, MDI, ATP, EMS, MDA, AIP and OME? Be sure to attend this TEC 2023 IT identity training session! Michael is a Microsoft MVP in Security and CEO and senior solution architect at The Collective. He’ll detail common security requirements —translate them into real-world solutions using real-world examples. You’ll leave the conference well positions to build a successful security strategy, without having to become a security expert yourself.

Thomas Naunheim: “Protecting Privileged User and Workload Identities in Azure AD”

Another Microsoft MVP in Security, Thomas is a cybersecurity architect at glueckkanja-gab AG. In his TEC 2023 IT identity training session, he will share his deep expertise in using the latest capabilities in Azure AD to provision, govern and secure privileged access. Along the way, he will walk you through a variety of real-world attack scenarios involving privileged account and workload identities, including techniques like token replay from unsecured privileged intermediaries and abuse of misconfigurations like overprivileged access.

Becky Cross: “Preparing for a Transition from Active Directory to Azure AD”

Is a transition from Active Directory to Azure AD in your future? You won’t want to miss this TEC 2023 IT identity training session! Becky, a technical product manager at Quest, will discuss two common scenarios: converting a hybrid environment to Azure AD and migrating to a new Azure AD environment as part of a merger, acquisition or divestiture. You’ll learn about the vital security considerations, methods for reducing user impact when switching to cloud-only accounts, and options for servers and virtual machines that cannot be directly migrated.

Steve Kadlec, Paul Lagana, Joe Sharmer and Julian Stephan: “Active Directory Modernization: A Journey to a Secure and Flexible Identity Infrastructure”

Join this panel of experienced Quest solution architects to get invaluable guidance for your journey of Active Directory modernization. They’ll discuss how to build a solid identity infrastructure that reduces the time, cost and risk of managing Active Directory while increasing productivity, flexibility and security.

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This is just a sampling of what you will find in the Identities training track at TEC 2023. Visit the TEC 2023 website to discover what The Experts Conference is all about and get registered (fair warning: it sold out last year!). Be sure to also check out our blogs on the keynote speakers and the other two learning tracks: Microsoft 365 and Azure.

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