Migrating to a new mail system presents a great opportunity to "clean up" old data. In support of this goal, Migrator for Notes to Exchange (MNE) provides considerable flexibility in how and where data can be migrated. MNE allows you to migrate data into Exchange in 3 different ways:

MNE Target Types:

Server-based mailbox: This option tells MNE to migrate data to your traditional Exchange Inbox. Typically, customers migrate the newest mailbox data directly from the Notes Inbox to the Exchange Inbox. As an example, a date filter can be set in MNE, so that only data 1 year old or newer is migrated to the Exchange Inbox.

Server-based Personal Archive: This option tells MNE to migrate data directly to your Exchange (or Office 365) In-Place Archive (previously called Online Archive). Some customers find that migrating data older than 1 year, but newer than 3 years maybe best migrated to this location.

Personal folders (.pst): This option tells MNE to migrate data to an Outlook compatible PST file. The resulting PST file can be used to store older (3 years+), "less relevant" archive data from Notes. This PST file can then be attached to users' Outlook profile, or ingested into another Exchange archiving solution.

MNE Date Filtering:

MNE provides the options and flexibility to help "clean up" old data during your migration project. MNE allows you to filter data using date filters. MNE also allows you to pick where in Exchange (or Office 365) this data will be stored. When you combine date filtering with the storage location option, MNE becomes a powerful tool to help organize your companies email data. Of course these options can be customized to meet the needs of your environment and migration project.

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