Microsoft 365 training at The Experts Conference (TEC) 2023

Get the Microsoft 365 training you need at TEC 2023!

The Experts Conference (TEC) 2023 is THE Microsoft training event of the year. Join us September 19–20 at the Loews Hotel in midtown Atlanta, Georgia for an event filled to the brim with practical Active Directory and Microsoft 365 education, delivered by renowned Microsoft MVPs, industry experts and your peers. You can even earn up to 10 CPE credits per day.

The sessions at The Experts Conference are always organized into several learning tracks. That’s just to help you find the topics you’re most interested in — you can attend whichever sessions you like from any of the tracks! This year, the learning tracks are Microsoft 365, Identities and Azure. This blog post explores the Microsoft 365 training track.

This track offers practical Microsoft 365 training covering Microsoft Teams, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Power Platform and more. You won’t be surprised to hear that one major topic area will be cybersecurity and cyber resilience — for example, you can get expert advice for getting started with a Zero Trust model in Microsoft 365, implementing best practices for securing Teams, and improving your Microsoft Secure Score.

Other speakers in the Microsoft 365 training track will dive into the closely related topic of compliance. You can go home from the conference ready to engage effectively with your organization’s compliance team, armed with insight into everything from SharePoint security policies and labels to the Data Lifecycle Management and Records Management solutions in Microsoft Preview.

And of course, no Microsoft 365 training would be complete without attention paid to tenant management and migration! At The Experts Conference 2023, you can learn how the native tools currently available for tenant-to-tenant migrations compare to third-party solutions, as well as what new options Microsoft has in the works. And you’ll be ready to choose the best approach for managing your multiple Microsoft 365 tenants, whether that’s Microsoft’s native tools, a managed services provider (MSP), or third-party tools and services.

A sneak peek at a few of the experts and their session topics

Want concrete examples? You got it! Here are some the experts who will be hosting sessions in the Microsoft 365 training track at TEC 2023:

Adwoa Boateng-Kwakye and Michael Epping: “5 Steps to Embark on Your Zero Trust Journey with Microsoft 365”

These two senior product managers at Microsoft will explain the core principles of the Zero Trust security model and offer practical advice for putting those principles into action. They will focus on securing identities, devices and applications, since those are usually the first steps in a Zero Trust journey. You will leave TEC 2023 with five projects that you can implement in your organization.

Curtis Johnstone and Habib Mankal: “Securing Microsoft Teams with Microsoft 365”

This Microsoft 365 training session is hosted by not one but two Microsoft Office Apps and Services MVPs! Curtis is Senior UC Product Architect at Quest, and Habib is Founder/Principal Consultant at WaveCore IT. They will share best practices for securing Teams identities, protecting Teams content using features like sensitivity labels and DLP, and ensuring strong governance and auditing with Microsoft 365 Cloud App Security.

Mike Weaver: “Migrating T2T with Native Tools”

Mike is yet another Microsoft Office Apps and Services MVP who will be providing Microsoft 365 training at TEC 2023. A senior product manager at ThousandEyes (part of Cisco), he will walk you through the steps involved in performing mail and OneDrive migrations natively, and then explore the pros and cons of those processes compared to using third-party solutions. He’ll also review the other tenant-to-tenant migration tools that Microsoft is developing and share his thoughts on what else we can expect in the future.

Joanne Klein: “IT Pro meets Microsoft Purview Data Lifecycle and Records Management”

Joanne is a Microsoft 365 consultant for NexNovus Consulting and (you guessed it!) a Microsoft MVP in Microsoft 365 Apps and Services. Her session is designed to help IT pros like you work more effectively with compliance teams by diving into two key tools in the Microsoft Purview family of solutions: Data Lifecycle Management and Records Management. Joanne will walk you thru several real-world use cases, including how to use automation to apply retention labels to your content and how to use scopes to meet complex retention requirements. Plus, the session will leave you well-positioned to address broader issues, such as the impacts on SharePoint and Teams architecture and which configurations can't (easily) be changed after the fact.

Michel de Rooij: “Challenges when Maintaining Your Scripts in the Modern Age”

Michel, an IT consultant at Rapid Circle, is also a Microsoft MVP for M365 Apps and Services. At TEC 2023, he will offer practical guidance for preparing and maintaining your PowerShell scripts, including how to refactor them for changes such as authentication or deprecation of PowerShell modules. While this Microsoft 365 training session will focus on Exchange Online and Azure AD, the principles apply to other workloads as well. Michel will also offer expert insight into when Azure Automation might be a better fit.

Richard Dean and Vance Forbush: “Navigating the Evolving Landscape of Microsoft 365 Multi-Tenant Management Options”

Richard (senior manager of technical product management at Quest) and Vance (IT architect at Quest) will team up to help you navigate the dizzying array of options for managing your multiple Microsoft 365 tenants. They’ll explore your three core options: Microsoft’s native tools, IT and managed services providers, and third-party tools and services. Then they’ll assess the benefits and limitations of each of these options so you can head home ready to choose the best approach for your organization.

Sanjoyan Mustafi: “Roadmap for Security Features & Sensitivity Labels in SharePoint and OneDrive”

This demo-filled session on SharePoint security policies and labels comes directly from the principal product manager at Microsoft. You’ll learn exactly how to configure and use these features — as well as when to use them. Plus, you’ll get on-the-spot answers to your questions about capabilities like encryption, conditional access and download blocking. Don’t pass up this opportunity to meet the SharePoint product security team and place your product asks!

Amy Babinchak: “A 100% Secure Score is Possible! You Can Do It!”

A Microsoft Office Apps and Services MVP, Amy is the owner of three IT-related businesses: Third Tier, Harbor Computer Services, and Sell My MSP. She’ll explain what the Microsoft Secure Score actually measures and what it reveals about an organization's security posture. Then she will provide practical guidance you can use to improve your Secure Score — and even achieve a 100% score!

Learn more

This is just a sampling of what you will find in the Microsoft 365 training track at TEC 2023. Visit the TEC 2023 website to discover what The Experts Conference is all about and get registered (fair warning: it sold out last year!). Also be sure to read our blogs on the keynote speakers and the other two learning tracks: Identities and Azure.

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