New SaaS solution makes Office 365 license management easy!

Have you ever wondered how many Office 365 licenses you have? Do you know whether each Office 365 license is actually being used, let alone if it’s being used to its full potential? Are you able to provide good answers when management asks exactly how much all those O365 licenses are costing them, and how much of that money is being wasted?

If you’re struggling to stay on top of Office 365 licensing, you’re not alone — my colleagues and I have been hearing these concerns from many organizations for some time. I’m delighted to tell you Quest now has a solution to help. Introducing Quest On Demand License Management! It’s the newest addition to our Quest On Demand SaaS platform. That’s right — it’s SaaS, so there’s no need to download a thing!

Why is O365 licensing such a struggle, and why does it matter?

  • To manage licenses efficiently and control costs, IT teams need to know who has been assigned which licenses and whether those licenses are actually being used.
  • However, Microsoft does not provide a deep, actionable view of Office 365 license allocation and utilization.
  • As a result, organizations often end up paying for more licenses than they really need.

How can On Demand License Management help?

Quest On Demand License Management delivers the complete visibility into Office 365 and Azure AD licenses that you need to ensure optimal license utilization and speed everyday management and reporting tasks. You can easily:

  • See exactly how many Office 365 and Azure AD licenses you have and who are they assigned to — across all of your tenants
  • Determine whether and how much users are using the Office 365 services they have been provisioned
  • Understand the cost of unused and under-utilized licenses and assess whether you should consider a new licensing plan
  • Gain insight into trends, estimate future license costs and make informed decisions to support organizational changes

The next time your management asks you how many Office 365 licenses are available, whether all the licenses they’ve paid for are being used, and what the total cost is, you can smile. With On Demand License Management, you can get them all the information they need in seconds, from a single SaaS dashboard.

Quest On Demand — your go-to SaaS solution for tackling Microsoft challenges in a hybrid world.

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