Organizations that are undergoing mergers, acquisitions or want to consolidate Office 365 tenants need a fast, safe and easy way to migrate or merge tenants.  If done manually, there is a chance that accounts, mailboxes, directories or messages could get left behind/lost/deleted or objects could get duplicated – causing unnecessary management complexities, cost and down time. 

On Demand Migration (ODM), which goes live March 19, 2018, enables Office 365 tenant to tenant migration of directories, messaging and shared data while maintaining coexistence and collaboration. This video will give you a glimpse of what it offers:





Tenant to tenant - Migrate Azure AD, Exchange Online, and OneDrive from one Office 365 tenant to another.

AD hybrid tenants - Use Migration Manager for AD or services to migrate on-premise AD and then match accounts with On Demand Migration for tenant migration.

Multiple tenants - Migrate multiple Office 365 tenants to a single target tenant for consolidation or restructuring.


Migration Discovery - Discover the objects that need to be migrated in your source environment. Automatically identify any issues that might occur and resolve them before the migration begins.

True Project Management - Plan, stage, and schedule your migration to automate manual tasks and save costs.  Troubleshoot and solve issues as they occur to keep moving forward. Monitor the progress of your migration in real time. 

Easy Coexistence - Easily share calendar free/busy information between your source and target environments.  Copy directory objects and automatically set forwarding addresses to ensure continued communication.

Account, Email, and OneDrive Migration - Migrate Azure AD accounts and groups, Exchange online mailboxes, and OneDrive data to target Office 365 tenants. Set Office 365 license for migrated users.

Resource Processing - Update the permissions in SharePoint Online to ensure that users migrated to the target tenant can still access valuable data eliminating downtime. Maintain access to important Azure applications during migration.

Profile Processing - Easily deploy a lightweight and secure agent to process profiles at the client to avoid helpdesk calls and visiting individual workstations.


ODM is the latest edition to the Azure-hosted Quest SaaS portfolio –Quest On Demand.  We're growing the features in 2 week sprints and we're growing our portfolio just as fast.  ​Here are some links to learn more or get a free trial:

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