Quest is excited to announce the addition of a new SharePoint migration workload to the On Demand Migration service.

The On Demand Migration - SharePoint workload migrates SharePoint Online content from tenant to tenant. This release supports the discovery and migration of site collections (top-level sites) based on the following templates STS#0 (classic team site) and STS#3 (modern team site). We plan to announce many new features in the future to support your migration needs.

On Demand Migration - SharePoint maintains the same easy-to-use user interface that you see within the ODM platform. The Dashboard screen provides you with a high-level overview of:

  • Migration state of site collections
  • Discovery and migration tasks
  • Any migration errors

You can also perform the following tasks in the Dashboard screen:

  • Configure the connections to your source and target SharePoint Online tenants.
  • Discover the site collections in your source SharePoint Online tenant.
  • And you can configure your project default settings.

ODMSP Dashboard Screen

Image 1: On Demand Migration - SharePoint – Dashboard Screen

We describe a simple 9-step migration process in our documentation:

  1. Create SharePoint Online migration project
  2. Set the migration defaults (optional)
  3. Configure connections
  4. Discover site collections (top-level sites) on the source tenant
  5. Map source sites to the existing target sites by URL (optional)
  6. Provide the custom site mapping using CSV file (optional)
  7. Override migration defaults for specific migration tasks (if necessary)
  8. Migrate site collections and their content
  9. Monitor the progress and track issues

Quest recommends performing test and pilot migrations before starting the full-scale migration of the production environment.

The best way to learn more about the capabilities of our new workload is to try On Demand Migration online. You can register here for a free trial. 

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