Unfortunately along with other cyber crimes, destructive ransomware attacks are increasing, and you can easily find yourself a target of, or experiencing collateral damage from hacker’s criminal ways.

Imagine you get the dreaded message, saying all your data – including your invaluable Active Directory – is encrypted from a ransomware attack. Without a usable Active Directory, business stops.

A scary thought, right? At Quest, we are concerned about this ever increasing crisis and the impact it can likely have on our customers. Bottom line, we want you to be prepared! We've provided a lot of information in the past few months on cyber attacks, ransomware and Active Directory vulnerabilities. This recorded webcast is the latest in this series:

Check it out to hear from cyber-security expert and Pluralsight author Dale Meredith, as well as Brian Hymer from Quest, as they discuss how to:

  • Explore new ransomware attacks that will be coming your way
  • Prepare your organization for new attack vectors
  • Develop a disaster recovery plan to rebuild your entire AD infrastructure from the ground up
  • Get a sneak peek at the latest version of a powerful database backup and recovery technology

Ransomware could happen to you! But it's not to late to prepare... yet...

Watch the recorded webinar

DataSheet - RMAD DRE.pdf
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