Enterprise Reporter 3.0 Hotfix #1 is a maintenance release that addresses the issues noted below as well in the attached Read Me. This release is cumulative, meaning that if version 3.0 is installed, you can safely install the version found in this solution without losing any fixes or functionality provided in version 3.0. Customers who already have a previous version of Enterprise Reporter installed can upgrade directly to this maintenance release following the appropriate install instructions found in the attached Read Me article. This release can also be used by customers who are installing Enterprise Reporter for the first time.

Resolved Issues:

  • With the NTFS discovery, updated caching method for Account SIDs - 16168
  • NTFS discovery error for DFS Shares - 16167
  • FluidFS discoveries do not support multiple clusters registered in Enterprise/Storage Manager and therefore can't collect all devices - 15617
  • IT Security Search: ManagedByDisplayName sent to ITSS for users and groups needs to be DisplayName not DistinguishedName - 15578
  • IT Security Search: Incorrect push of group membership changes - 15355
  • AAD Collector: Invalid list of user licenses are appearing in the subscription reports for Office 365/Azure - 14848
  • OneDrive Discovery Error: “Unable to save entity to database” (OneDrivePermission) - 14747
  • When upgrading ER 2.6 to ER 3.0 on a different drive (not C:), the error "Unable to locate old installation” is displayed - 14553
  • NetApp 7-mode: FSA collection is not working after upgrade - 14487
  • Error after disabling one DC and starting to collect Exchange with Mailboxes (or public folders with permissions) - 14226
  • Server error in Knowledge Portal when exporting report to CSV or XML - 14011
  • Exchange: Error "There is no Exchange organization in the domain" if one DC is offline - 13616
  • New digital certificates used for signing of product and zip file package will be signed self-extracted archive - 13520
  • Multiple OneDrive reports are showing data with incorrect units - 13450
  • Some NTFS reports do not publish correctly to Knowledge Portal and publishing pauses with no error - 11319
  • Database Content Wizard transfer operation has errors - 11033
  • For the Computer discovery, unable to collect Hotfixes 16196

Please download the maintenance hotfix here.

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