On September 22, Quest and Binary Tree kicked off Microsoft Ignite with a highly-engaged roundtable forum with customers, partners, and industry experts to talk about the acquisition as well as on-going challenges facing migrations across the globe. 

If this is the first you are hearing of the Quest acquisition of Binary Tree or if you missed the Table Talk session at Microsoft Ignite AND you have questions, then this is the place to start! This post is a quick summary of that engagement with the community as well as a recap of just a few of the Q&As. You can also watch the full 30 minute recording.

 Microsoft Ignite Table Talk Session Tuesday, September 22: A Brief Summary

What does Quest’s acquisition of Binary Tree mean for your next Microsoft 365 migration?

We were blown away with the responses and engagement from the amazing audience!  From the very first question “What did you first think when you heard the news of the acquisition” the participants were showing their passion for these two (now one!) great companies.

We came away from our session feeling great about the excitement that this union of Binary Tree and Quest teams, products, services and innovation is already generating in the industry.  Customers are engaged and anxious to hear about the ways that we can all now build even more powerful, efficient, and automated migration solutions to aid in their transformations, mergers & acquisitions, and more.   Our services partner communities were engaged to learn more about the benefits of a larger, dynamic organizations – including joining the expansive Quest Partner Circle, for Binary Tree partners.

So let’s dive into some of the questions we received. For reference, the Quest and Binary Tree experts answering these questions were:

  • Ron Robbins (RR), Sr. Product Manager, Quest
  • Adam Stewart (AS), Product Marketing Manager, Binary Tree

When you heard about Quest acquiring Binary Tree, what was your first thought?

Attendee response: For me as a consultant for migrations - awesome news. Best of two worlds are getting combined! So 200% customer satisfaction in near future! Win-Win for everyone!

Or as another attendee wrote with such poignancy: Holy $%@*!

What does Quest & Binary Tree think of this acquisition?

Ron Robbins (RR): This is such a great thing for the market and the reason is you are bringing two companies with best of breed migrations together. You can go to one vendor for a really strong solution in migration.

Adam Stewart (AS): There are a lot of areas where we have complimentary features in our solutions.  We’re really going to be able to show a combined strength that will benefit everyone in the market.

How does this news impact partners?

AS: We understand the benefit of a strong partner ecosystem. Our partners want to deliver effective integrations and migrations across the globe. Our plans are not to interrupt any of those activities that are on-going. If you are a Binary Tree Partner or Quest Partner, keep working with your existing contacts. Over the next several months, the plans are to have Binary Tree Partners become part of the Quest Partner Circle. On October 7th we’ll have a webinar for Binary Tree Partner to learn how we’re blending both of these great organizations together and maintaining that ecosystem for you.

How does this impact our support?

RR: If you have a Binary Tree product and you need support on it, you still call the same number.  We haven’t made drastic changes on who you call or how you get support.

What will be the evolution of the existing product lines?

RR: We’re still looking at where there are synergies and where there are things that are equal in feature or where there is a feature disparity. We’re doing a comparison of products where there is a matching product. We’re not getting rid of anything, we’re planning on strengthening our solution. For example, Binary Tree had a great Hybrid AD sync piece to their Power365 platform, we are looking forward to adding that to our On Demand Migration platform to help migrate and synchronize hybrid directories.

What are the top migration challenges attendees face?

RR & AS comments summarized: We also got to cover the challenges facing many of you in migrations, with adding capabilities to Teams migrations (including Microsoft Stream) repeatedly coming up as a top priority.  Coexistence was also a hot topic, and we discussed how integration between tenants, especially during M&A activity, can be critical to success – not only of data migration, but in creating and maintaining collaboration and productivity across the unified organization. 

Watch the Full 30 Minute Session to Hear More Answers to Your Migration Questions

We are glad to know that so many attendees are just as excited about Quest and Binary Tree as we are.  To keep up-to-date with more on the acquisition, reach out to your Quest or Binary Tree representative.

You can also watch the full 30 minute Microsoft Ignite Table Talk discussion here: https://www.quest.com/webcast-ondemand/what-does-quests-acquisition-of-binary-tree-mean-for-your-next-microso8144807/

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