Postgres version 12 is here. Did you miss its introduction like me? My excuse is the year-end holidays (what's yours?). 

Well, version 13 isn't planned for release until the fall, so there's plenty of time to brush up on v.12

To give the nod to that special #12, have a look at this -> (can skip ad after 5 seconds)

Remember those? The Sesame Street short clips are classic.

But, I digress....

PostgreSQL version 12 has some nice enhancements and feature additions.


  • There is both client and server-side encryption for authentication over GSSAPI (Generic Security Service Application Programming Interface).GSSAPI allows different security mechanisms to be used via one standardized API. 
  • The PostgreSQL service can discover LDAP servers (when compiled with OpenLDAP).


  • Generated columns - This column type computes the value from the other columns' contents that reside in the same table. 
  • Run queries over JSON Documents using JSON path expressions. For increased efficiency for data retrieval, existing indexing methods for the documents can be leveraged.


  • Using the REINDEX CONCURRENTLY command, users can rebuild indexes without blocking writes to the index. During time-consuming index rebuilds, this can help users navigate extended downtime.
  • B-Tree Indexes read/write performance and space utilization is optimized.

These are a few of the many additions and enhancements to Postgres with version 12.

Would you like to learn more about PostgreSQL?

Consider attending the upcoming Postgres conference in NYC March 23-27, 2020! ->

There are many different training sessions and presentations from which to absorb a wealth of Postgres knowledge.

If you go, be sure to sit in on my session entitled, “Postgres Monitoring Considerations” and... stop by the Quest booth! We look forward to meeting you and learning about your needs around Postgres.




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