Foglight has rules which fire alarms on specific events, but it can also fire alarms for a group of objects as part of the service builder configuration. This is important if you have a service, let’s say a mixture of monitored objects, like OS, databases, app server and web server and someone wants to see an email for alerts for these objects grouped together.

This is an easy process in Foglight. We use the service builder to create a category, add all the monitored objects we want in the group, and in turn this will show us all the alarms scoped over these objects if they fire and then the next bit is to add a service email:

Note that I can also receive a notification when the systems get back to normal.

So, let’s test this and create some issues and see what the email looks like:

If more alarms are created, then a new email will arrive with the next group until you fix all the issues, and the situation returns to normal:

So, this is a good way of managing who gets the alerts rather than managing each alert individually and an easy way to get notification when the situation returns to normal.

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