Some days, as I’m pulling up to the office, I feel as if I may as well be driving a clown car to a circus. With so much chaos in tech right now, so many database projects and all the growing demands placed on us as DBAs, we’ve really become jugglers in an IT sideshow. And it’s not all fun and games. 

Juggling is a dangerous act.

Just ask any DBA. While we may not risk life and limb, tossing knives, torches and chainsaws into an endless loop, we’ve got a lot of critical tasks to manage at once – and a single mistake can put our organizations in jeopardy.

Dropping the ball on database performance can lead to costly downtime, lost productivity and more. But when you’re juggling multiple database platforms, explosive data growth, DevOps and new cloud technologies, it’s hard to keep up.

Maintaining our focus

With so many tasks to complete at any given time, it’s critical that we’re proactive and anticipate what’s coming our way next. But the numbers highlighting all the growing demands on us are staggering. According to a new study by Unisphere Research, 66 percent of DBAs say the number of instances for which they’re responsible is increasing. And 81 percent of DBAs are managing on-premises and cloud databases.

We could use an extra pair of hands.

Imagine how much safer and easier database administration could be if you had help with all the tasks you have to juggle. What if you had backup, a partner in the wings, tracking performance and swooping in to pick up where you’ve left on, preventing everything from crashing to the ground? And what if you could expand your skills, keeping up with the latest techniques from the convenience of your desk?

Sounds tempting, right?

I don’t know about you, but I’m willing to take any help that comes my way. And lately, I’ve been using these free database management resources to (A.) Feel less alone with all my work stress – the surveys of other DBAs help me realize it’s hard for all of us right now (B.) Learn about the latest trends and emerging technologies that’ll impact my job (C.) Get expert advice that helps me keep up with it all.

We may be jugglers, but we don’t have to look like clowns.

Check out these free resources to take your juggling act from struggling street performance to an impressive Cirque de Soleil spectacle, without all the Spandex.

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