You say “No” - well - I say “Yes”. All database rules are sensitive and have a sensitivity level.

What does that mean? What is a sensitivity level? Where can I find it and can it be modified?

Ok - a lot of questions, so let's start with the details.


What is a sensitivity level?

A sensitivity level is a template that defines which rule condition is being triggered. Different levels are available: Essential, Normal and Tuning.

  • Essential - Enables only the most important alarms and only critical or fatal alarms conditions.
  • Normal - Enables a selection of alarms from different rule categories, including all Essential alarms.
  • Tuning - Enables all alarms.

By default each agent has the Normal sensitivity level assigned. If you have a test system, you can set the level to Essential which will reduce the amount of alarms you will get in Foglight. If there is a special tuning needed because a database is performing badly you can set the level to Tuning to get more alarms and details about the database behavior. A very easy way to decrease or increase the amount of database alarms in Foglight.


Where to find the sensitivity level?

When you open the Database overview dashboard, select one or several agents of one type and click on "Configure Alarms":

That takes you directly to the Administration -> Alarms page. On the alarms page you can configure alarm settings and specify alarm sensitivity levels. Select the "Sensitivity Level" tab and click on "Define sensitivity levels". On the upcoming window you can see the level configuration. For a better overview of the current settings, click on "View as PDF". Also an easy way to share the current settings with your colleagues.


How to modify the sensitivity level?

To change the settings, just select a rule (or several rules) and click on "Set level". Now you can select the conditions you want to enable or disable for the selected sensitivity level.

On the bottom of the window there is a "Restore Settings" button to restore the default settings. So now worries if you changed something accidently, you can always go back to the default.

What will happen now, if a rule condition is enabled in the sensitivity level template, but the rule itself has no code/threshold configured for this condition? For example the rule "DBO – SGA Library Cache" does not have a fatal condition configured, only warning and critical, but in the sensitivity level template you can enable the fatal condition. In that case nothing will happen, the current rule configuration is taking the precedence over the sensitivity level configuration.

Once you configured the sensitivity level templates as needed, the last step is to assign it to an agent. By default the Normal level is assigned to each agent you created. To assign another template, select the agent from the list and click on "Set alarm sensitivity level". On the upcoming window select the level and click on "Save".


You might wonder if it is possible to add an additional sensitivity level template to Foglight. This is currently not possible. You can use and modify the three existing templates, but you cannot add a new one.


Hopefully this will help you to customization your database rule settings. 

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