All right, my fellow database administrator. Today, we’re talking zombies, and I want to know which flick is your favorite: “Night of the Living Dead”? “Resident Evil”? “28 Days Later”? Do me a favor and comment below. I’ve got a long flight to a tradeshow coming up, and I’d love to update my watch list with some killer recommendations.

Don’t hold back – you’re not talking to a squeamish database administrator here.

Though I’ll admit, I wasn’t always a huge zombie fan. And then one of my colleagues turned me on to Simon Pegg. Once I got a taste of all the blood-tinged hilarity in “Shaun of the Dead,” I was on to “Zombieland.” Next was “The Santa Clarita Diet” on Netflix. I got so hooked on the genre, I eventually came around to some of the more serious classics and, of course, I continued to feed my addiction with “The Walking Dead.”

But for all the horror and gore of a great zombie flick, some of my database administration nightmares are even scarier.

What if autonomous databases really do devour DBA job opportunities over time? What if I can’t stay on top of the massive multi-platform database uprising? The number of instances I’m managing is truly frightening. It’s like the work just keeps shuffle-creeping toward me, smelling my fear and threatening to eat me alive.

Which is why I decided to co-write a DBA zombie survival guide, packed with database best practices.

There’s no denying we’re in the midst of a DBApocalypse. With the trends of database administrators being reanimated as DevOps engineers, new technologies threatening our positions and an overwhelming burden of responsibilities, our numbers may dwindle in the coming years.

Unless we find a way to attack these threats – head on – with courage and skill.

So I joined forces with Pini Dibask, who’s pretty much the Rick Grimes of DBAs, and we identified the biggest, most frightening, quickly encroaching trends that are taking over database administration. Then, we did quite a bit of research and analysis to come up with strategies that’ll help us DBAs not only survive, but actually thrive, in the terrifying face of change.

Arm yourself with knowledge and an action plan.

You’ll get both in our new e-book, A Zombie’s Survival Guide in a Changing Database World.” Get your free copy today. Because you can’t defeat the threats you didn’t see coming.

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