Foglight for Databases (SQL Server and Oracle): New Release - Version

We are pleased to announce the general availability of Foglight for SQL Server and Foglight for Oracle versions  This release provides the following significant enhancements:

  • Performance Investigator (PI) Advisories - Fully automated engine that continually analyzes database performance to identify performance inefficiencies.  Advisories contain detailed descriptions of the detected problem, along with actionable advice to assist in fixing the issue.
  • Performance Investigator (PI) Automated Highlights - Provides immediate performance analytics, to focus on the most significant dimensions (users, programs, queries, etc...) that were relevant for the resource selected in the analyzed timeframe.
  • SQL Server Databases Dashboard – Now provides high availability configuration for each database, including the last backup date on a mirrored server (if it exists).
  • Cassandra and MongoDB Cartridges - Now integrated as part of the Foglight for databases global view.


For evaluation customers, installing Foglight for the first time.  Please download the trial software from the following locations:

For evaluation customers looking to upgrade their evaluation to this release, please contact your account manager.

For current customers, you can download this release from the technical support site.  Once on the site, find Cartridge for Oracle or Cartridge for SQL Server, version

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