Many of the capabilities and techniques covered by the other recorded webcasts in this index are common across whatever type of database you are monitoring.   But each platform has its own operating and processing challenges, and unique terminology.  Learn some of those distinctions of specific cartridges, including MySQL and Cassandra.

Using Foglight to Tune MySQL Queries

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This webcast covered:

  • Learn how to utilize Foglight to quickly find which SQL statements to focus on plus, get helpful clues on how to tune them
  • Discover different ways to capture explain plans in order to identify the costly steps and tune them.  SQL diagramming techniques will be shown on how to find the best execution plan
  • Understand how to identify performance inhibitors in various SQL coding styles and learn ways to avoid them
  • Learn how to baseline query performance and throughput in Foglight throughout the tuning process


Setting up performance monitoring for Cassandra Clusters  

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This webcast covered:

  • Cassandra Database Provisioning – how Foglight gains access into catalogued metrics
  • Cassandra JMX Configuration – how Foglight gains access to important metrics in Cassandra which are exposed through Java Management Extensions
  • Setting up your first Foglight monitoring connection
  • Troubleshooting connectivity
  • Best practices and essential first steps using the Foglight Cassandra Cartridge
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