Preparing for your next Foglight upgrade

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This webcast covered:

  • Where to find the latest software and associated documentation
  • Revisiting your sizing for the FMS and Foglight Agent Manager
  • Scheduling downtime of your Foglight deployment
  • Backing up the existing installation
  • General steps for upgrading Foglight components
  • Where to go for further assistance

What’s New in Foglight version 6.0 and Additional Considerations for Upgrading

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This webcast covered

New in v6:

  • The introduction of the Angular User Interface and finding your way around
  • The addition of SQL PI for MySQL instances
  • A new way to manage Foglight alarms configurations through Alarm Templates

Considerations for Upgrades:

  • What happens to alarm configurations when upgrading to version 6
  • Best practices for version 6 upgrades
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