In April 2017, we started this webcast series directed specifically at existing Foglight administrators and users within your organization. We call the series, “Foglight Skills 101.”  We present topics that have a broad interest among administrators and users – people who use Foglight often, but who might need some help getting up to speed with an important feature/function of Foglight. This series takes place on either the last Tuesday or Thursday of every month and lasts approximately 45 minutes. The next webcast is being planned for September 2022.   

Each webcast completed so far is listed here, along with the link to the Webex recording of each presentation (and each new webcast will be added to the list each month). If you need help in the below categories, click on the category link to access those specific training sessions:

View our Foglight for Databases webcasts here

View our Foglight Evolve webcasts here

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