Foglight v. 7.1 is here!

Why move from v.5 or v. 6? ....because 7.1! 

For a detailed list and explanation of what is new in Foglight v. 7.1, please refer to the Foglight v. 7.1 Release Notes

....but here are some highlights....

User Interface Enhancements:

Breadcrumb: Larger, easier to read.  

Time Frame Selector: Larger, easier to read, dropdown option

All Databases are now accessible from the Global View

Updated Pin location

*Pro Tip:

Use EDIT MODE to hide selections you don't need for a simpler, clutter-free look.

Query Insights dashboard updates:

  • Snowflake & SAP HANA added (only Cassandra is not supported – by design)
  • Can resize Query Insights sections
  • Save customer filter selection when navigating back to Query Insights

Replace Literals: Scrubs strings and numbers

Why - String and numeric literals may contain sensitive or Personally Identifiable Information (PII). 

When - At collection time and before uploading or presenting the data to Foglight

Where – Performance Investigator, Top SQL, Execution Plan, etc.

How - 

  • Affects all strings and/or numbers within a statement
  • Replaces strings, any string, within quoted characters, with *Replaced by Foglight*
  • Replaces numbers with 1 followed by zeros and add a note at the bottom to indicate the action

Set in the Global View

Change state will present a warning message:

Set to Yes – 

  • Data will be scrubbed with no option to restore the stored data in the future

Set to No – 

  • Literal will be uploaded with no option to remove already stored information
  • Require the user to confirm that scrub data is now off

Uses lockbox credential as a global parameter to control Replace Literals setting

SQL Server Always On Availability Groups dashboard updates:

  • Added baseline calculation for Estimated time for failover (RTO) and Potential data loss (RPO)
  • Always on dashboard reorganized. Tabular view instead of popup window
  • New metrics reflecting data transfer lags added to Availability Group → Databases tab
  • New charts reflecting data transfer lags added to Availability Group → Databases tab

Two new charts added to Activity → Instance Summary dashboard

  • OS Workers: Count of OS workers by state
  • Batch Requests: Batch requests rate (Batch Request/sec)

Two new charts added to Activity → I/O Activity dashboard

  • Data Latency: Summary of data files R/W latency
  • Log Latency: Summary of log files R/W latency

R/W latency metrics added to Activity → I/O by File dashboard

Visit Foglight for Databases to learn more and download a free trial.

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