A previous post showed how to modify a registry variable to apply a value to a specific host.

It would be good if the actual value that is going to be used when the rule fires could be validated.

The "Run Condition Query" feature in the Rules Editor will help.

As a reminder, here are the scoped values that we used for the Page In rate. The global value is 256.0. We scoped the value to host fglstudent5-fms.classroom.prv to 768.0. When the rule fires, Foglight will first check for any scoped values, and if there are none present for the object, it will use the global value.

To verify what Foglight is using, use the Rules dashboard, find the rule, and edit it via the Rule Editor.

Select Continue since no rules are going to be modified for this exercise.

First, locate the registry function call to the variable that is to be tested. Pull down the "Run Condition Query" window and past into the Condition Query pane (#2). Select a Scoped Object from the pulldown list (#3) and then click Execute Query. The value used for the scoped object is returned in the Result pane. In this case, it is 256.0 (global default) since this object doesn't have a scoped value.

Select a different Scoped Object from the list (preferably one that a registry variable was scoped for!). Execute the query to check it's result. It is 768.0 - the same value we set in the Registry Variables dashboard.

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