Friends. Change is here. All of us DBAs are dealing with it. Look at the number of new database platforms. It’s relentless. They just keep coming. And we’re expected to take on any or all of them that’ll save our companies money. But it’s hard, right? Here’s why.

We’re in the midst of a rapid evolution.  

And as with any evolution, we’re looking at three morphological possibilities: formation of new species, change within species and loss of species (A.K.A. extinction). If we want to avoid the latter, we’ve got to adapt.

And we’ve got to adapt quickly.

How did humans survive turbulent change and harsh conditions in the past? With invention. With increasingly modernized tools.

From rocks to spears to Foglight®.

One sure way to become a fossilized DBA is to use an outdated toolset to battle new database challenges. If you’re going to juggle multiple diverse databases – and do so successfully – you need a powerful database monitoring and management solution. You need a toolset that lets you ensure peak performance across your entire environment from one streamlined console. It’s the only way to not only survive, but also thrive.

The importance of being adaptable

We need to be ready for change – yesterday. And that’s where Foglight comes in. With its ability to support all the traditional databases you’re still expected to manage, recent offerings and emerging platforms, Foglight helps you avoid going ape $h*t over database performance problems. When you can use an intuitive interface to take on any new technology, you come out looking like a calm, cool, civilized, modern DBA.

Want to learn more about the secret to avoiding extinction?

Quest® put together a tech brief that’ll help you navigate the evolving database landscape. You’ll discover how Foglight® for Databases delivers the adaptive genetic changes that’ll make you a superhuman DBA.

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