Spotlight 13.0 introduces a brand new feature of managing access to monitored connections at the user level. It provides the ability to assign or deny a user access to a set of connections that have been configured to be monitored in Spotlight.

The need for segregation of duties or other security requirements within an organization might require delegation and management of user access to your databases.  That is where Spotlight 13.0 comes in! 

Its new functionality is well suited for configuring the permissions to access a set of designated monitored connections to a user or user group. With Spotlight 13.0, application administrators can now use the User Level Access to control access at monitoring level in Spotlight. Allowing users to focus solely on the databases, they are responsible for monitoring.

Managing user permissions is a feature that is intended to facilitate the duties of a Spotlight Diagnostic Administrators who grant permissions to users belonging to the Spotlight Diagnostic Users and Read-only Users Groups.



In order to control user access, the grantor must be part of the Spotlight Diagnostic Administrators group and the grantees must belong to Spotlight Diagnostic Users or Read-only Users Groups but not the Spotlight Diagnostic Administrators Group.

Considerations / Preparations:

1.  Review the permissions of Spotlight Windows user groups in Permissions to use Spotlight Help

2.  Use Windows Local Users and Groups console to ensure users are not part of the Spotlight Diagnostic Administrators group and belong to one of the Spotlight Users groups.


1.  From Spotlight Client application, click the Diagnostic Server icon from the Configure toolbar

2.  Click Manage user access level

3.  Choose a user account or group from the Users or Read-only Users list

4.  Adjust the access slider to On or Off position

5.  Use the Search field to list a subset of connection

6.  Use Access All or Deny All to perform the task for multiple connection

7.  Changes take effect once users close and reopen the application.


1.  With the addition of each additional Spotlight user, consider their access level at one of the following levels.

   a.  Assign appropriate groups to the account:

Administrative Level
User Level
Read-only Level

            b.  Assign the appropriate connections to the user in Spotlight

2.  As user roles evolve and change, let Spotlight assist in assigning the designated connections to the appropriate users or user accounts

Review additional details about the feature in Manage Access to Spotlight Connections Help page.

Download the latest versions of Spotlight from here.

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