Hearing you’re getting MySQL is like hearing you’ve been “volunteered” to pet sit your neighbor’s rabid ferret: There’s confusion, mild panic and the frustrating realization that someone else is saving money because you’re doing all the hard work.

Open source: fantastic for IT budgets, not so fantastical for DBAs

When companies decide to add cheaper database platforms to the mix, little regard is given to how it’ll affect already overwhelmed DBAs. And honestly? We’re all pretty stressed out as it is.

If you're anything like me, and most DBAs today, the insanity of your workload is increasing exponentially.

In fact, if you get a gander at these two charts I’m holding up for you to imagine, you’ll see our workload as DBAs is rising at the exact rate of outrageous stunts in any new Rock movie. And that is saying a LOT. Have you seen “San Andreas”?! Have you watched “Skyscraper”?!

It's too much! It's not sustainable!

But it’s also kinda bad@$$. It is, though, right? It’s pretty cool. And while you may not be hijacking cranes and dangling from mile-high windowsills by your duct-taped shoe, you are taking on crazy feats like a g-dang boss. You’re juggling massive data growth, the cloud, DevOps initiatives, finger-pointing developers, an already ridiculous database environment – and now MySQL?!

It's the straw that gave the camel osteoporosis!

Well, get out your Boniva, Sally Field, because you are NOT going to crumble! You're a superhero of a database administrator and just like The Rock, it's time to build your arsenal and swagger out with the confidence that can only come from a secret weapon. And no, I do not mean anabolic steroids. I said secret weapon. Ready?

The MySQL monitor that's changing DBAs' lives

Tackling MySQL performance is daunting when you're already busy. Which is why you need help. I know. It's hard to admit it. It was hard for me, too. But once I copped to that truth, that I simply needed some extra assistance, my life got easier. Why? Because when you stop trying to fix everything manually – and we can be so stubborn about that sometimes – you really can save yourself a lot of time and stress. And that's exactly what Foglight® for MySQL does for me.

Here's why I'm obsessed with this MySQL performance monitoring tool

With Foglight for MySQL, I get:

  • More time for action movies. Goodbye, late-night work calls and troubleshooting. Hello, Fast and Furious 72.
  • An extra set of eyeballs. This MySQL monitor stares into the very soul of my database environment, 24x7x365. So while I'm doing what I really love to do (see item 1 above), Foglight for MySQL is fulfilling its earthly mission. On my behalf.
  • X-ray vision. On my own, or with a lesser solution, it's way too hard to know what's going on with MySQL performance. Foglight increases visibility so much, I can tell at a glance what's unfolding.
  • A detailed game plan. Not only can I see what's happening, I can see how to resolve it proactively, thanks to detailed drilldowns and advice. There's no guessing and wasting time.
  • A fair playing field. Because my company is saving millions of dollars by moving away from outrageously overpriced databases, they can spend a little dough on an affordable monitoring tool. Without a good MySQL monitor, I'm less effective, our technology is less effective and so are our end users. To make the shift to MySQL beneficial for everyone, you need a powerful way to ensure peak MySQL performance .

Flex your MySQL muscles.

As a DBA, you’re the star of the MySQL show. You’re the hero who can help your company make more money by maximizing its technology. But you don’t have to do it alone. Even the big guns like The Rock rely on stunt doubles, spotters, trainers, nutritionists and chefs. Building a support network is critical for success. And like everything else you’ve mastered as a DBA, you will succeed with this new database platform as well. It simply doesn’t hurt to give yourself an advantage, especially when it’s free for 30 days.

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