The PostgreSQL Global Development Group announced the release of Postgres version 15!

Some of the notable feature enhancement additions include:

1. Addition of the MERGE command - SQLServer and Oracle have had this command for some time now and its inclusion into Postgres allows for fewer lines of code. Users can now more easily (conditionally) insert, update, or delete data. Example: If data matches, take Action A. If the data does not match, take Action B.

2. Improved Sorting Performance - On-disk and in-memory sorting algorithms show improved speeds of up to 400%. 

3. Logical Replication flexibility - Users can now replicate a subset of data from a table via column lists and row filtering.

4. New Logging Formatjsonlog - PostgreSQL logs can now be processed in structured logging systems with the output log data in this defined JSON structure.

And more....

Check it out!


Otago Daily Times

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