Have you heard the news? PostgreSQL has earned the prestigious 'DBMS of the Year' award by DB-Engines!

**(Postgres won in 2017 as well!)

Who is DB-Engines (.com)?

Solid IT, an Austrian IT consulting company, created and maintains DB-Engines. Solid IT has particular focus on development for database-centric applications.

What is DB-Engines (.com)?

DB-Engines is an initiative to gather and share DBMS-specific information including both relational and No SQL database types.

What is DB-Engines 'Ranking Calculation Method'?

On a monthly basis, DB-Engines ranks the DBMSs by popularity.

Here is a general explanation of the parameters used to determine popularity.

  • DBMS mentions on websites, measured as the number of results in search engines queries using Bing, Google, and Yandex.
  • General DBMS interest -The frequency of searches in Google Trends is used for this measurement.
  • Frequency of technical discussions about the DBMS - Well-known IT-related Q&A sites, DBA Stack Exchange and DB Stack Overflow, are used to count the number of related questions and the number of interested users. 
  • Number of DBMS-related job offers - Indeed and Simply Hired are used to count the number of offers.
  • Number of DBMS-related profiles in professional networks - Linked In and Upwork are used to count the number.
  • Relevance in social networks - Twitter tweets mentioning the system are counted.

How was the DBMS of the Year determined?

The popularity scores of January 2018 were subtracted from the latest scores in January 2019.


Congratulations PosgreSQL!


Where should I go to learn about monitoring PostgreSQL? (of course there is a shameless plug for a Quest solution!)

Visit Foglight database monitoring and download a free trial.


The primary resource for the content of this blog comes directly from https://db-engines.com/ 


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