Postgres v. 14 has been released and it is SCARY good!

Postgres v. 14 snuck up on us and was released about a month ago.

The community continues to kill it with advancements in innovation.

Have a look at these frighteningly powerful enhancements and additions.



PostgreSQL 14 now supports the syntax (subscripts) for accessing JSON data. 

The multirange data type was added to support non-contiguous ranges. This helps with building simpler queries for complex sequences of (non-overlapping) ranges. 

New Monitoring Parameters:


  • Idle_session_timeout
  • Pg_stat_wal
  • Pg_stat_progress_copy
  • Maintenance_io_concurrency
  • REINDEX on child indexes of a partitioned table


Using the pg_read_all_data and pg_write_all_data predefined roles, it is easier to assign read-only and write-only capabilities to users on tables, views, and schemas 

The default on new instances is now the standards-compliant SCRAM-SHA-256 password management and authentication system.

Workload Management:

B-Tree Index management is enhanced and decreases Index Bloat on frequently updated indexes.

There is throughput improvement (2x?) for tasks requiring many connections.

For Logical Replication, PostgreSQL can now stream in-progress transactions to subscribers for appreciable performance improvement.

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