Adopting PostgreSQL is not unlike adopting a crazed monkey: It’s new. It’s exciting. It’s also downright terrifying.

You’ve got questions.

What if I can’t handle it? How hard will it be to get it to perform well? Will it look adorable in a cloth diaper and bonnet?

A while into my own adoption, I’ve got answers.

You can handle it. Not that hard. Doesn’t everything?

Still nervous?

I was too. But there are a few things you should know. Things I wish someone would’ve told me when I was starting out with PostgreSQL. So what would’ve eased my mind and made the switch from my old database platform to this new one smoother? Here goes:

1- It’s not quite as different from Oracle as you may think.

Sure, everything’s got a different name. But it’s all tomato/tomahto. WAL files/redo logs. MVCC/UNDO tablespace. Once you work out the mental key of new feature names for what are practically the same functionalities, it’s not so intimidating anymore. See? You can teach a new monkey old tricks.

2- There’s an awesome PostgreSQL monitoring tool that can help.

Now that your company is saving major cash by moving away from old-school database vendors, it’s a good time to divert a small fraction of that budget to a monitoring tool that’ll make PostgreSQL live up to its hype. Without a solid PostgreSQL monitor, you’ll be fighting fires, database performance will suffer, end users will suffer and eventually, so too will your company’s bottom line. PostgreSQL DBAs need good PostgreSQL tools. I’ve personally had the best luck with Foglight® for PostgreSQL.

3- You can do this.

Whether you’re a senior DBA or a newbie, technology is evolving so rapidly that you’ve likely already survived at least some change. And the fact that you’re here, that you’re ready this and expanding your skillset, seeking PostgreSQL advice, just proves you have what it takes to thrive in this new database world.

Check out this PostgreSQL freebie.

You can try my favorite PostgreSQL monitor, free for 30 days. I can’t even tell you how much happier I’ve been with the increased visibility, detailed drilldowns, built-in advice and all the other cool features. Honestly? Proactively managing performance without Foglight was nearly impossible. Now? I’ve got full control of my database circus, and I’m confident you can achieve the same results.

Tame the Monkey

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