Spotlight Cloud is a cloud hosted database monitoring and diagnostics application providing DBAs with diagnostic tools to quickly identify and help resolve performance issues.  The Workload Analyzer of Spotlight Cloud is a very robust query evaluator tool.  It provides the reviewer the ability to identify the bottlenecks within the instance and more importantly isolate the source of the most resource drain within the database. 

It constantly displays relevant metrics from various resources such as CPU, I/O, locks, along with providing a timeframe option (last hour, last day or week) of aggregated data.  Additionally, the reviewer can select the appropriate data dimension in order to drill down to the desired granular data level by using the navigation tree.  The selection of dimensions such as by database or by user updates the data and chart displays in the user friendly display panels.  This collection of tools will enable use cases such as identifying the application that contains the most CPU intensive queries over a certain period of time.

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