Having fun with the "SQL de Mayo" theme at the conference

One of the best things about working for Quest has been the numerous opportunities we get to participate in conferences, user groups and meet-ups related to the database technologies.  A few weekends ago, I attended the SQL Saturday #714 hosted at UT Dallas' Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science.  Although I've been to many SQL Saturday's around the country, this was my first opportunity to experience the large and vibrant community involved with SQL Server in some fashion or form around the DFW Metroplex.  Quest no doubt had a table top at the event and we were front and center where we had the privilege of meeting DBAs, Developers, Analysts, Executives, Students and Job-Seekers; all with one thing in common; the love and passion for database technologies. 

The conference schedule itself had quite the assortment of subject-matter which were highlighted by:

- Latest and greatest regarding SQL 2017

- Developing and Managing SQL Server in Azure

- Open Source and Cloud DB Platforms from a SQL Server Perspective

- Managing Performance and Troubleshooting in SQL Server

- Business Intelligence and Analytics

I also had the privilege of presenting a session on Cross Platform Database Monitoring and how Quest solutions can help.  Although the session itself conflicted with the lunch-hour, I was pleasantly surprised to see the audience grow through the time allotted for my session.  

My first question to the audience was, "how many of you only work with SQL Server?", to which only a handful of the 40 some-odd audience members responded.  What this showed me was that many of the folks in the room had at least one other database platform they had to work with.  Later on in the session, I had asked how many folks are starting to see the emergence of Open Source and NoSQL technologies used in their organization's next-gen efforts and endeavors.  It was amazing to see that a good majority of the folks in the room raised their hand and when I asked a few people to name platforms, MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB were predominantly mentioned.  Not only were the folks attending my session interested in learning more about cross platform database monitoring, but the sense I got is that the folks in the room were already seeing an evolution take place.  

Performance Monitoring is vital when it comes to making the right choices when it comes to where organizations will innovate next.  Being able to measure, compare and contrast different database platforms from a performance perspective allows for establishment and maintenance of the KPIs that allow business to get more out of their current and future database platforms.  Being able to consolidate performance metrics into a centralized repository allows different stakeholders supporting the service model a place to gain perspective on performance of the differing platforms via tailor-made dashboards and reports.

My hope was that at least a few of the folks came away knowing they had much in common with their colleagues at the conference and that there is a solution for this Cross Platform Database Monitoring challenge - which is Foglight.

Speaking of Quest solutions, we had quite a few of our current customers come by and say hi.  Above is one of my favorite photos from the event.  Now on to the next SQL Saturday, which will be in Houston on June 23rd, 2018.  I'm definitely looking forward to the upcoming interactions with the database community at large.

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