For over two decades, as a Database Sales Engineer, I have provided technical demonstrations either in-person, online, or in a recorded format. It takes a particular honed skillset to accurately distill technical information and position solutions in their best light. It is critical to be sure audiences understand the power and capabilities of the software. But equally, if not, more importantly, have the business benefits realized. I have leveraged a number of techniques…the ‘guided tour’ demo, the ‘top three takeaways’ presentation, and so on. Like many others, I also often implemented the ‘save the best for last’ communication strategy. But really, this is a disservice to the evaluators and customers with whom I’m speaking. Everyone’s time is valuable. So, why not immediately address the most important information at the start? This approach is used in the 'Last First' Foglight For Databases video series. The outcome is shown and described at the beginning of the demonstration. If you like what you see and hear, you can take the next few minutes to view the video and better understand the steps to arrive at the desired results.

A special thank you to Peter Cohan (and team), author and evangelist of the book and training series, Great Demo in which this technique is illuminated.

(Length - 4:00)


For more information, visit Foglight database monitoring and download a free trial.

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