Uncover the Culprits: Identify Time-Consuming Queries with Foglight

Query Insights: Coming soon in Foglight v6.3!

As organizations rely more on data to make critical business decisions, ensuring that their databases are running efficiently becomes increasingly important. A database slowdown or crash can result in a significant loss of productivity and revenue. One of the most effective ways to improve database performance is by identifying and optimizing time-consuming queries.

Foglight Query Insights feature is an essential tool for database administrators and developers to get a birds-eye view of the most time-consuming and frequently executed queries of an organization. This feature allows users to identify queries that are causing significant performance issues and prioritize them based on their impact.

Query Insights ranks and sorts "Queries" by "Impact," which is calculated based on the percentage of statement workload in comparison to the total instance workload. By analyzing queries with high impact, database administrators and developers can significantly reduce Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR) by focusing on queries causing performance issues.

Filtering is a crucial feature for analyzing data, and Foglight Query Insights allows filtering to be applied to any of the collected metrics and the query text. This feature enables users to narrow down the scope of their analysis and pinpoint specific queries that are causing performance issues.

With Foglight Query Insights users are just one click away from gaining more insights at the query level by using Foglight Performance Investigator (PI). PI provides a comprehensive view of query performance by offering additional metrics such as query response time, CPU utilization, disk activity, and more. With PI, users can identify specific areas where query performance can be improved.


Identifying and optimizing time-consuming queries is a critical step in improving database performance. Foglight Query Insights and Performance Investigator features provide database administrators and developers with powerful tools to gain valuable insights into their organization's queries and take proactive steps to optimize their databases. With these tools, organizations can significantly reduce MTTR and ensure that their databases are running efficiently.

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