We were recently asked if Foglight can be used to monitor Google Cloud SQL instances, specifically MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server. To clarify, these are the PaaS (or DBaaS) offerings from Google. Within Google Cloud Platform, you can use Compute Engine virtual machines and monitor the databases and OS's on those like you normally would with Foglight.

The answer from our testing is that it "more-or-less" works.. This is not an official support endorsement however. That remains TBD.

We have these 3 GCP SQL instances:

The TL;DR story is that Foglight was able to successfully monitor all 3 platforms, with some caveats.

MySQL seems to be working without any issues. The agent log file is clear and the dashboards are populated.

For PostgreSQL, it looks mostly ok, but there are agent log messages that Foglight couldn't connect to the "cloudsqladmin" database.

Most of the drilldowns appear to be working, however:

SQL Server was more interesting. There is no way to get 'sysadmin' role - it shows up as a server role in SSMS, but no way to grant it to a login, nor add a login to the role.

When running the grant privileges script, it fails with various errors related to missing roles, etc. There is an "sa" login, but it's disabled. Trying to enable it with the credentials that are set when the instance is setup also fails.

I skipped the grant privileges script, and it turns out that only 5 collections fail:

However, most of the drilldowns appear to be populating with data. Note: SQL Performance Investigator was not configured.

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