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What is Spotlight? 

Spotlight is a laser-focused monitoring and diagnostics solution for SQLServer (by Quest).

The following is a series of short videos to help you learn and understand the primary capabilities of Spotlight.

The goal of this vlog is to help you realize the value of Spotlight to monitor and diagnose your SQLServer environment efficiently and effectively.

Architecture This short video reviews Spotlight's architecture and requirements. (2:59)

Installation is simple and takes only a few minutes!

Spotlight Installation documentation

Navigation and Workflow - This short video reviews Spotlight's navigation and workflow. (3:39)

Playback This short video reviews Spotlight's Playback feature. (4:33)

The Playback feature allows users to easily pull performance metric data from the repository to investigate issues that may have happened at an earlier point in time.

Workload and Wait State Analysis - This short video reviews Spotlight's Workload and Wait State Analysis dashboards. (4:53)

Quickly find the bottleneck queries in your environment.

Templates - This short video reviews Spotlight's Scheduling and Alarm Templates. (7:22)

Leverage templates to easily view, modify, and deploy both metric collection schedules and alarm thresholds.

Alarm Actions - This short video reviews Spotlight's Alarm Actions. (4:14)

The Alarm Actions editor allows users to both setup / apply conditions for alarms and provides choices of Actions that Spotlight can initiate once those conditions are met.

Download Spotlight

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