Cost Director allows you to view the cost of running your datacenter like it’s Public Cloud.

Cost Director is included in Foglight for Virtualization 8.8 and no additional license required. 

In 3 steps you will setup an organization structure, create price plans and allocate them out to virtual machines.

  1. Build Compute Price Plans &  Storage Price Plans, assign add-ons for licenses and other operational expenses
  2. Then assign plans to virtual machines,
  3. Group your VMs into business units and FVE does the rest.

Once setup FVE with Cost Director allows you to see your VM cost data based on each Ghz they consume, every GB of RAM and pivot the data to see the cost based on allocation too. Cost Director includes chargeback reports that enable you to start recovering the costs of operating your infrastructure. Cost Director will also integrate Azure billing data (soon AWS data too) from Foglight Cloud Manager to provide complete coverage of operational costs.

Additionally, when combined with Capacity Director you can model migrating VMs to any cloud or MSP and see the difference between your datacenter cost, and the hosted cost.

An important capability of Cost Director is that it tracks spending in real-time for both allocated resources and consumed resources. This means you can chargeback on either option and easily quantify unused resources to VM owners. 

Below is a quick walkthrough of Cost Director

Cost Director On-Premises Costs Overview

Cost Director

Example BU Chargeback Report


Cost Director Setup Wizard with Computing Cost Calculator 

Cost Director Setup Wizard

Cost Director Organizational Structure

Cost Director Organizational Structure

Most Expensive VMs by Memory

Cost by VM Memmory Consumption

Most Expensive VMs by CPU

VM Cost by CPU

Cost Director Costs by BU

Costs by BU

Cost Director Cloud Costs

Azure Billing

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