Instead of pumpkin pie this season, let’s try something new. How about that Raspberry Pi? Well it may not make a very tasty dessert but, it can be useful for some IT projects. For around $30 a device they can be inexpensive to purchase and implement. If you have decided to give the Raspberry Pi a chance how are you going to manage, track, and report on it?

The KACE Systems Management Appliance has Raspberry Pi support built in. All you need to do is provision it with our KACE agent, and you are up and running. The KACE Systems Management Appliance can help you manage your Raspberry Pi;

  •                 Inventory the device daily.
  •                 Deploy Software to the device.
  •                 Run scripts remotely on the device.
  •                 Track the device as an asset.
  •                 Create alerts or notifications based on specified indicators

The KACE Systems Management Appliance can manage other Linux distros too, such as Ubuntu, SUSE, or Red Hat. KACE can also agentlessly connect to many more Linux operating systems. Click here to take a quick look at the KACE Systems Management Appliance. If you like what you see you can download a free 30 day trial appliance here.

Are you already using a Raspberry Pi at work? What kind of projects are you using it for?

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